Month: August 2015

Exemplary Virality

We all have encountered examples of exemplary Viral Leaders.  Viral Leaders are infectious and leave an impression on us that is hard to forget. This infection can be positive or negative.

Share with us some of your own experiences with great leaders and managers in your life and tell us also about those not-so-great bosses you had to deal with.

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Viral Leadership Book Release – Fall 2015

The First Edition of the Book Viral Leadership is scheduled to release in the Fall of 2015. The book is a resource for emerging and experienced managers who want to take leadership skills viral and start an outbreak of higher performance.

What if the principles of excellence could spread like an epidemic throughout your organization?

Viral Leadership reveals the secret to positively infecting your employees with strength, creative thinking, and respect, which in turn transforms your business into a productive powerhouse known for its quality and customer service.

  • New and emerging leaders: being a great employee is no longer enough; now it’s time to develop the necessary skills to lead great employees.
  • Experienced managers: discover what you’re doing well and where you can improve as you gain fresh strategies to reach your younger employees.
  • Entrepreneurs: learn how to inspire your team and exponentially multiply the impact of your leadership skills.

Let’s go viral with good leadership!

This paper-back edition will be available at and Kindle soon.




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