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A Toxic Lie Being Spread At Your Company: To Be a Manager is Bad – To Be a Leader is Good

Recently I noticed a post saying similar to this: "Managers make themselves feel important and leaders make people feel important." There are many messages similar to this one floating around all over social media. Do you agree? It is tempting to want to believe it at face value. However, when…

Case Study: Missed Opportunities

This is a hypothetical scenario based on a real-life situation where the relationship between a manager and an employee could have led to a stronger bond and perhaps even higher productivity. However, the result was unfortunately not as productive as it could have been. Let’s look at the scenario from the…

Your Company’s Biggest Threat to Your Bottom Line: Bad Managers

Forbes recently reported that about half of employees leave companies because of their bad relationship with their manager. The research conducted by Gallup only provides us half of the picture. The US Census estimated that 2.5 million people in the USA quit voluntarily every year. Estimates indicate that it can cost…

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Exemplary Virality

We all have encountered examples of exemplary Viral Leaders.  Viral Leaders are infectious and leave an impression on us that is hard to forget. This infection can be positive or negative. Share with us some of your own experiences with great leaders and managers in your life and tell us…

Viral Leadership Book Release – Fall 2015

The First Edition of the Book Viral Leadership is scheduled to release in the Fall of 2015. The book is a resource for emerging and experienced managers who want to take leadership skills viral and start an outbreak of higher performance. What if the principles of excellence could spread like…